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Getting Veg

How to Get Fruit and Veg

FlintShare members access their fruit and veg from any of our sites through the VegAccount. This can be credited with either time or money. Most of our fruit, herbs and flowers are free to members but the veg has a (very low) price. Here’s how it works….

  • You get an initial credit of £3 when you join FlintShare
  • When you work in a Garden your labour is credited to your VegAccount . This ‘Veg for labour’ is NOT payment for labour. It is simply recognition of the valuable time element contributed by members.
  • You then take your veg from any site (help with this is available), or from our Saturday hub.
  • You weigh your veg either on site or at home and send in the details.
  • Your account is then reduced by the value of the veg.
  • Your account is sent to you monthly. If it’s getting low you need to top it back up with either cash or labour.
  • In true community style all this works on trust.


Members who spend time growing veg may never have to add money. Other members are unable to do the growing but help with admin, PR etc which carries a small credit to their VegAccount. Still others simply pay money in to the VegAccount.

A Bit More Detail…..

For each full hour of labour logged your account is increased by the equivalent value of 1lb spuds per hour (currently 50p). You send your hours and veg weights by email to our VegAccount administrator who updates your account. Additionally, for EACH ACTIVE ROLE you serve within FlintShare 2 hours per month (£1) will be added to your account. This role could be as a committee member or in another capacity such as bee keeper or PR. You claim the allowance for ALL the roles you cover so, for example, if you are on the core group and do the accounts you claim twice.

Your allowance is added to your account each month.

Please note that your Veg Account balance has NO CASH VALUE. It is only redeemable against veg.

To see recent veg available click here.

To see how to get involved click here.

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