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Cilcain work day

31 January 2011 4 Comments
Cilcain work day

The first work day at the Cilcain site was on 29th January. Despite freezing temperatures the sun was out and volunteers soon got on with cutting down overgrown Christmas trees ready for constructing a new foot bridge over the stream.

Later on in the day the vegetable plot areas were roughly marked out and the task of clearing the bracken began.

By the end of the day the footbridge was virtually complete and there was a clear idea of what the veg beds might look like.

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  • Rachel said:

    The Cilcain Workday certainly lived up to all expectations of what a CSA is all about for me. Friendly people with a wealth of skills an knowledge coming together to share at the moment a vision which even after one day’s work is being brought into reality! What amazed me, was how much was achieved in a short space of time!! A beautiful bridge was built from timber sourced on site, and an area cleared and marked with a raised bed in sight.

    Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the weather was kind too!! A truly enjoyable day, which did not feel like hard work.. Many thanks to everyone for sharing!! Rachel

  • Sandi said:

    Just had the most fantastic day at the Cilcain workday. Great fun learning new skills – like felling trees. Time out tasting watercress from the stream and lunch in the sun sitting on the bracken. A huge amount has been achieved in one day on a beautiful site with perfect weather. We now have a new bridge, a de-bogged path, a patch cleared for raised beds and a host of ideas. A wonderful sense of community, excitement and potential. Can’t wait for the next workday………

    Thank you again Nikki for your inspiration and commitment.

  • Paul said:

    Cilcain field

    I walked from the pumping station
    Protected from winter’s grey chill
    And arrived at cilcain field
    A forgotten corner of the clwydian hills

    I walked on water
    Across a magical carpet
    Of strewn Christmas tree branches
    I walked on water again
    Over a rushing stream

    A bridge had appeared overnight
    Of Kwai like dimensions
    Hewn not by prisoners –of-war
    But by free spirits
    Pioneers on the road to
    Our elysian field

    I walked on cilcain field
    Its latent promise stifled
    By a brown shroud of
    Clinging choking bracken

    But…this is an ancient land
    Where beeches grow, multiply
    And divide
    Hidden springs lie deep
    Beneath the soil, lifeblood coursing
    Through decades of detritus

    Talk is of potatoes, brassicas, treebogs
    Mordant waste products, neutralised
    By nitrous releasing
    Arborescent crystals

    Dusk settles
    Over cilcain field
    Growing circles sleep under the stars
    The all enveloping brown loosens its grip
    Green shoots dart here and there

    Memories are stirring beneath this ancient land
    The blessed dead aroused from
    Long, deep, dormant states
    I walk home from cilcain field

  • Nkki said:

    That main piccy is where all the beans are now.
    That’s amazing.
    We have done So well!!!