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Cilcain Woodland Playday

9 January 2012 4 Comments
Cilcain Woodland Playday

It’s not all about the veg!

We had a fun day today playing in the woodland. It was drizzly and cold so we built a shelter. Not ‘built’ really – more cleared and decorated! It has a lovely dry floor, the natural canopy keeps the drizzle out and we wove the brash into the sides against the prevailing wind. We even had time to make a fire and have a brew before watching the spectacular sunset.

We think a bigger version of this might serve brilliantly as a ‘gathering’ shelter. It’s well hidden and utilises the resources on site.

The garden is looking tip top. The purple sprouting is putting on a second flush of heads which are delicious. The spring greens are hearting up nicely – another 3 weeks or so.

There is a lot to do, though, to ready it for the coming year. As well as making the bigger shelter we need ditches digging, muck shovelling and the bridge finishing so I hope lots of our members can make the big push day on 18th Feb.

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  • Alison said:

    What a great time we had on Sunday reliving our childhoods making a den to shelter and drink tea in!
    Many thanks to Pete and Doug for spotting the potential of the trees when we were starting to get rather wet, their initial enthusiasm in creating the shelter led us to a most satisfying afternoon making the shelter wind and water proof with materials to hand….and the glowing embers of the pit fire after welcome refreshments was lovely, many thanks to everyone, Alison.

  • Nkki said:

    email from Mary H

    Sunday in the drizzle at the Cilcain site was an idyllic journey back to childhood days, lighting fires, building a den, picnicking inside it and dreaming about summer nights there, the only difference being aching muscles the next day.


  • Sandi said:

    How wonderful to get a shelter built in a day after talking about it so much, and all using resources on site. Can’t wait for the big one – big push day is going to be such fun!

  • Paul said:

    I was sadly laid up with a head cold, and feeling rather grotty, otherwise I would have been with you on Sunday. Looks like a great job!

    At least I got all the records up to date on Saturday!